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Simon Townshend began his musical career at nine when he was enlisted to join the chorus of the Who rock opera ‘Tommy,’...

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Tuesday, 19 April 2016 11:58

Los Pacaminos - A Fistful of Statins

You know you’re getting old, when that fresh faced laddie from Streetband turns out to be sixty years old, and singing with a London based Tex Mex band. But that’s life.

To be fair, I had a vague recollection of Paul Young being interviewed about his new venture, but had never heard any of their material until now. And with their two albums being reissued, it’s a fine time to catch up with them. Because they are very good at what they do.

And it’s straight down the middle tex Mex, with accordions galore, a touch of Western Swing, and the still impressive vocals of Mr Young. With the band chock full of well respected musos, it’s clear that this is something they really enjoy doing, rather than just being paid for it.

Which probably explains the decade long gap between releases. Both albums have been expanded, with the debut gaining three tracks from an early EP, and “A Fistful Of Statins” gaining two brand new tracks and a cover of the Bee Gees ‘Words’.

I’d missed all this first time around, but have had a real blast getting to grips with this. Don’t let it slide this time

The Rocker 24th April 2016

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